Double Down Review

-by Daniel Williams

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When it comes to reviewing films you have your normal scale of reviews. Good, sure, bad, horrible. While people would prefer to just see good films, every now and then there are films that are so bad they become good.

To best way to explain Double Down is not to call it a film but an experience. It transcends normal film quality and becomes its own beast. What we have here is a contender for Tommy Wiseau’s The Room as the best worst film ever made.

In double down we don’t have characters. What he have here is the director, Neil Breen living out two fantasies. In one he is a former government agent, turned gun for hire that is the most dangerous hacker/bio terrorist in the world.

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In the other, he is a man that is seeing delusions of his dead wife, who questions the morality of the world government and gains the power to cure cancer from a special rock he was given by a dying man.

Strange does not even begin to explain the hour and a half event I witnessed in Double Down. Scenes are shot in such a way that dialogue is only done in monologue form. B roll is used for what feels like half the film. Scenes are so similar to each other that it feels Breen released an unfinished version to the public. After seeing the same scene for the fifth time in a film, you start to question if the concept of time works for the film Double Down.

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In all seriousness, Double Down is a bad film. It is an incoherent mess and incredibly hard to follow. The story make no sense with jarring jumps being used to go between scenes.

If you get the chance you have to watch this. Preferably with friends, and after a few pints to get the most out of it. Saying that Double Down is so bad its good is an understatement. What we have here is an adventure. An encounter. Another synonym for experience. And if you do enjoy Double Down, you will happy to know that Neil Breen has made four other films and yes they are just as bonkers as Double Down.


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